July 11, 2012


Months and months and months later, it’s probably about time I reported on the second life of this wonderful old six-pointed star quilt. After an adoption that just didn’t work out, the quilt came back to me–back to Tennessee, where I think she was born. The adoptive mom just could not deal with all that dirt. I don’t totally blame her…not everyone is as willing as I am to take on ancient, stinky, funky, antique dirt. I got lazy, and only did a half-way job of vacuuming the quilt. It was just taking too much time with not nearly enough immediate visual reward.

I want to see results, dammit. Like sweeping, you know? When you sweep with an actual broom, you get a nice pile of dirt and crumbs and, at least in our house, a dandy little wad (or big wad) of dog hair. You feel like you’ve done…

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